Featured projects

Lattice Exchange

Lattice Exchange is an AMM-based DEX that supports seamless cross-chain swaps and a multitude of DeFi applications by utilizing Constellation’s Hypergraph, a near-zero fee and horizontally scalable decentralized network.

Handle @LatticeExchange

Alkimi Exchange

The world’s first decentralized ad exchange, built using the principle of Generative Economics to rebuild the intended value exchange of the open web.

Handle @alkimiexchange


Geojam’s native token, $JAM, accelerates the economic value of engagement between the fan and creator relationship allowing crowds to leverage their collective influence to create moments and shape their experiences.

Handle @geojamofficial

Greenheart CBD

CBD tech company using DeFi, blockchain, and crypto to bring the agricultural industry into the 21st century.

Handle @greenheart_cbd

Double Dice

The decentralized pooled predictions protocol. Play the games or open your own rooms

Handle @DoubleDice_com


A technology company built by gamers for gamers.

Handle @Cyberlete


ChainRaise Technologies provides the ability to bring your cap table onto the blockchain, making it a smart cap table.

Handle @chainraise_io

stargazer wallet

Stargazer Wallet

This Stardust creation is a browser extension wallet for holding and transacting your $DAG tokens. This wallet is built for the future of cross-chain interoperability.